New Paladins lineup!

RoyalBlue eSports meets Paladins

We proudly present the main roster of our Paladins Team: 

Željko 'Disturbeef' Bockaj 

Uros 'tHM' Andric

Jonas 'MrEierkopf' Weirauch 

Joan 'Chiva' Camos 
Janis 'dieninjsh' Ontuzans 
Jaap 'VibeHunterZz' Rombouts
Kawa 'K4wa' Beigi
Robert 'jenkk1z' Uibos

The team was merged from two different teams to build a high ranking international competitive Paladins team. Former members of 'Inside the fire' were brought in to attend the Paladins Central League, ESL Go4Paladins cups and qualifying for major tournaments. 

We are still looking for more players! Just join the tryout Discord and fill in the tryout form. 

All game results will be available on the home section on the right or on the matches page. More info about the team and the players are in the team section. 

Good luck friends!