What happend in April

What the heck happend in April?

We update you about everything that was going on in your favorite eSports orga in April.

April was an exciting month for RoyalBlue eSports and everyone worked hard to get were we are now!

Starting off with the rosterchanges of this month:

New Managers:

Nico - Counter-Strike

Disturbeef - Paladins

Oklinussi - Head of Video Production

New Team (Counter-Strike:):






New Players:

Teebs - Hearthstone

SHXD - Street Fighter V

IFS_Justin - Street Fighter V

Jenkk1z - Paladins

Vibehunterzz - Paladins

Emmorick - Paladins

New Games:


Street Fighter V

Players left:



  • Our goal with this rosterchanges were a better management for specific games and a clearer organization structure. We picked up Nico as our first game manager for Counter-Strike and Disturbeef for Paladins.
  • We scouted a new CSGO Team (more info in the NEWS Section)
  • RoyalBlue eSports is lacking content in video form and thats the reason why Oklinussi was choosen as the Head of Video Production providing video content for future projects.
  • We decided to expand into Hearthstone with Teebs at our side. He started playing for us at the Dreamhack in Austin representing us offline. (click here for his rundown of the event)
  • Street Fighter V is also a highly competetive and interesting game to dive into with an eSports organization. Picking up SHXD and IFS_Justin as our main roster for offline events in Colorado and around the states.
  • With strengthening in mind we signed Jenkk1z, Vibehunterzz, and Emmorick for the Paladins Squad.
  • Mikkilike and Legendbeast left us.

The biggest news for April was the disbandment of the Counter-Strike squad for personal reasons.
Nico made it his job to scout a new team and did this together with Oklinussi in the RLB Kings Cup. A tournament with the goal of finding a fitting team.
The new lineup is: Detected, Shadowstrike, RIP, D3K, Blytz
They will be announced in a seperate news article on our website.

The second headline was 'Apparel'. We bought a design package from Gamersapparel and that led to the following designs:

Hearthstone - Dreamhack Austin - Teebs - 48th

Street Fighter V - Akihabara Arcade - SHXD - 3rd