Teebs Dreamhack rundown


Last Week I was in Austin Texas for Dreamhack (April 28-30 2017); 
this was my first time playing in a Hearthstone Major, and my second Hearthstone LAN (I played in the HCT winter playoffs in Feb 2017).

I arrived a day early, and spent the extra time getting groceries and exploring the city with friends.
We ate lunch on Austin's famous 6th street before walking over to the graffiti park.
Thursday night I cooked dinner for everyone at the Air BnB, and got a good sleep before the first day.

"Left to Right: HotMeowth, Teebs, DemiGod, HeavyJ, ImmortalLion, LBYS"
-Photo: @LBYS_HS

Day 1, Friday:

We arrived at the convention around 10am. Of the nearly 250 players registered I was amazed to see just how
many big names were at the Tournament, especially from Europe. This was perhaps the most stacked field of
any Hearthstone Major to date. https://grandprix.dreamhack.com/complete-player-list-for-dreamhack-austin/

R1 Win vs. Khan
R2 Win vs. rayC
R3 Win vs. MegaManMusic
R4 Loss vs. Alan
R5 Loss vs. shoop
R6 Win vs. LOKShadow

I finished up Day 1 with a 4-2 record, with both of my losses coming to players who ended up making top 16.
To find myself in a top 16 situation I would need to win all 3 of my matches the following day.

Day 2, Saturday:

R7 Win vs. Impact
R8 Loss vs. StrifeCro
R9 Loss vs. Windello

I was alive until my R8 loss to StrifeCro. My final record was 5-4, good for 48th place of 234.

"Teebs & StrieCro after their match."

After the tournament we headed to one of the legendary after parties, 
which was certainly one of the highlights of the event for many people.

"Thanks to billb for throwing an awesome party for the Hearthstone Players."
-Photo: @honeychild1229

Day 3, Sunday:

Sunday saw the conclusion of the playoffs, and between rounds I had a chance to explore the convention. 
I was able to watch the Grand Finals of the Starcraft WCS before heading back to the Hearthstone stage to 
watch shoop take home the trophy. Of all the players in top16 I was rooting for shoop and Dog, 
both great players who were long overdue for a Major Win. I was particualrly happy to have been able to
play a close series against shoop back in round 5.

"Congrats to shoop on his DHATX17 win!"
-Photo: @shoop_hs

I had a great time traveling to Austin to play in the Dreamhack Hearthstone Grand Prix. I was able to spend
time with some friends, and meet many new ones as well.
Overall I am fairly satisfied with how far I made it in this tournament, especially given how many 
highly regarded players were participating. Regardless, I will do better next time.


Upcoming Events:

DreamHack Atlanta: July 21-23
DreamHack Montreal: September 8-10
DreamHack Denver: October 20-22