What happend in May

What the heck happend in May?

We update you about everything that was going on in your favorite eSports orga in May.

May was pretty much Paladins month with a lot of successes from our Paladins Squad 

Starting off with the rosterchanges of this month:


VIBE5 - Promoted to Co-Captain

  • VIBE5 got promoted to represent the team when MrEierkopf is not in town.

  • We started our conversion into a sportsclub to handle sponsorships and player contracts the right way. It is a long road but we will get there! More info coming soon!
  • New Website features are on the way: more detailed team pages; player pages; tournament / cup support
  • Oklinussi created the first video designs -> Youtube content coming soon! Stay tuned!



  • Finishing first place at the Paladins Central League (their site is down for some weeks :/ )
  • Almost qualified for the Go4Paladins May finals.. ESL kinda scammed us here.

And the best thing for last (written down by Disturbeef - Paladins Manager)

Dreamhack Velencia Summer Qualifier

Big results showing up after the Summer qualifiers for an opportunity to travel to Dreamhack in Valencia and fight for a pool of 100.000€.

We started our journey dreaming big, but that didn't help us as we lost to ''Burrito'' in Quarter finals of week 1.

Week 2 we faced ''WASD'' and Mutustiina's God slayer androxus showed us that our road to the dreamhack will be hard as we lost to them in quarter finals of week 2

Entering week 3 we faced ''zaklad karny'' in round 1 and had intense games with them. Our team managed to 2/0 them and that secured us the path to go big. ''50 shades of snek'' (winners of Hi-Rez Expo 2017 Paladins Invitationals) was waiting for us in the quarter finals and showed us why they deserve that title resultig in a lose on our side.

In week 4 we got to quarter finals once again and faced ''WASD''. We got a lead of 2/0 but our moral was not that high and confident enough to secure the game 1 as we lost 2/4. We wanted to switch our game style a bit for the second game as we had a mind set of playing aggresive as we took 3 best dmg dealers in the game but they outsmarted us and showed us that 4 tanks and 1 support is the answer to that.

Week 1: http://challonge.com/pobeuweek1

Week 2: http://challonge.com/pobeuweek2

Week 3: http://challonge.com/pobeuweek3

Week 4: http://challonge.com/pobeuweek4

Overall we finished 6th which is a great result and a stepping stone to dream big!