January 27, 2020

A new year - a new me

Our homepage gets a new look! Read about technical decisions and upcoming features of our new website.

We welcome our page to 2020 with a fresh look and a new tech background. After evaluating a lot of different options for a new page, ranging from self-coding to Wordpress, we decided on Webflow. The Webflow service combines easy to use CMS and coding options as well as easy to build layouts. This makes it a perfect companion for an esports organization like us, where people with different skills levels in tech-understanding are using the page to create articles and update any player info.

With the first release we only introduce a news blog to our audience because this will be the main focus - news content and stories about RoyalBlue eSports. Future releases will expand the website with features / pages for teams, players, streams and events.

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